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ITB Pain
The Iliotibial band or ITB is a long, fibrous band of flexible fascia that extends from the hip to just below the outside of the knee. ITB pain is usually an overuse injury, typically seen in runners and cyclists....
Groin Pain
The groin is located below the abdomen in the inner thigh. The most common cause of groin pain is a strain, tear or overuse of the muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the groin area....
Hip Pain
The hip is the largest ball and socket joint in the body. Hip pain is not always felt in the joint itself but may instead be felt in the groin or thigh....
Pelvic Pain
Your pelvis is made up of three joints which work together in a ring-type system. Pelvic pain is often associated with injuries or ailments in the reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts or pregnancy complications....
Georgia is a fantastically experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist.
Oliver Templeton-Ward
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon