Physiotherapist, Plan Writer
and Social Media Manager

Katy is mum to two very energetic boys, Freddie who is three and Barney who is one. She is a marathon runner, triathlete and self-confessed Pilates nut!

Katy says that "when pregnant with Freddie in 2018, I discovered Pilates and it really has changed my life in such a positive way. I struggled with pelvic girdle pain in both pregnancies and Georgia’s amazing classes were definitely what kept me mobile. I relied on the online classes to keep active and strong during my second pregnancy, and as I’m sure many of us did, to keep me sane during lockdown. I gave birth to my second son Barney in June after enjoying PBG HIIT class!

Now as a mum of two, staying fit and strong is so important, in a totally different way to how it used to be - gone are the days of needing to be able to swim 3.8km, hop on a bike and ride 112 miles and then run 26.2 miles… These days I mainly need to be able to juggle carrying my chunky baby, a wriggling toddler and all the paraphernalia that comes with two kids! Pilates has been the perfect solution to keep me strong, fit and happy.

I trained as a Physiotherapist and now am so lucky to work alongside Georgia writing personal pilates exercise plans for PBG community members. I love that PBG is such a flexible, personalised and tailored exercise option that is suitable for ALL fitness levels from antenatal and postnatal through to marathon and triathlon training suitable for all abilities - and not only that, Georgia makes it fun!"